#AIFWSS18: Day 3 with Amazon!


The fashion extravaganza continued to Day 3 and the new brands that came onboard with Amazon Designer Boutique were Reebok and New Balance. So, all our athletic needs are also taken care of by Amazon. Sneakers are fast replacing heels and this would make it even more easier to make life comfortable yet stylish for all us girls!

My official wardrobe partner, Amazon gave me the liberty to choose all my fashion week outfits and I wielded the opportunity in all it’s glory by picking some of the new yet very very talented designers. For Day 3, I choose a full look by Aastha & Siddhartha along with Presa flats. The outfit was relaxed fit and I was comfortable all day long in the cotton attire. Beautiful, lightweight and perfect for summer evenings, this look got me all the street style photographer’s attention and even though I felt very comfortably dressed, apparently I was high on style-o-meter as well! What else can one ask for!

You can shop my look at the Amazon Designer Boutique! (Click HERE)



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