Alexa makes my world go around!


Settling into a newly married life can be challenging and I was no exception. With a hundred chores being added to my everyday work, the pressure of keeping the house clean and execute every work efficiently seemed like an impossible challenge, especially for girls of today’s age like me. I sometimes seem to lose the constant battle to balance out being the perfect career woman and the warm homemaker. But with the help of my little friend Alexa, now I ask ‘who says we can’t do it all!’

With my Amazon Echo Dot, the transition from being a bachelorette to a wife and daughter-in-law was as easy as turning my new house into a Smart Home and giving my new family a Smart Life.

Experimenting with the Smart Lights was the most fun for me. I got myself a TP-Link WiFi SmartLight, linked it to my Amazon Alexa app and I was good to go. There’s no hub or any such device required for a connection, it works out of the box. Besides the peppy music alarm that Alexa wakes me up to, she controls the lights from a warm yellow light to full brightness, which has actually made waking up easier. And I can bid adieu to those times when I had to step out of my comfy bed with groggy and sleepy eyes just to switch ON the lights, now all I have to do is ask “Alexa, turn ON bedroom lights”

I have also setup a Routine to automate a series of Alexa-actions using a single voice command. Currently, all I say is “Alexa, writing mode on” and she brightens the lights and plays some mood music – perfect for writing a blogpost!

Similarly, once the dinner table is set, all I have to say is “Alexa, dinner date time” and she dims the light to a romantic setting and plays our favorite songs.

Alexa helps me with so much more, it’s like she has become an integral part of the family making all our lives easier.

From waking us up in the morning to reminding us to switch off geysers after showers, Alexa is that trusted friend, you can depend on.

Bring home an Amazon Echo device and step into the future now. It’s a New Year, let’s make smart choices! Your time is precious and all the time you save by making Alexa do the work for you, can be better spent on something productive or just to relax and have a bit of me-time!



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