For every look I style, I always strive to make it interesting with varied elements and textures. This look is no exception. If you look closely, I have three completely different elements in this look which are poles apart from each other. The feminine lace, the sporty bomber jacket and the plaid trousers, all depict a completely different aesthetic from one another yet, they work beautifully together.

These elements are all bound together very carefully by one color and a lot of confidence. To make these elements work, there are supportive sub-elements as well, for example, the winged liner complements the lace to prevail the boudoir feel, the sneakers work well with the bomber jacket and the low pony and spectacles support the formal feels of the trousers. This look shows us that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. Everyone has their own personal style and should compromise at nothing to freely explore their own aesthetics! Instead of copying looks, dive into your own consciousness and style the pieces to please yourself and not others. After all, YOU are unique and YOU are important and you need to love and respect YOU before anyone else!



Tank Top – H&M

Trousers – Zara

Jacket/Belt – Forever 21

Shoes – Truffle Collection



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