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Detox with Typhoo


We all know what green tea is and what health benefits it entails but  still we fail to make it a regular habit to drink this cup of elixir of good health. I can't speak on the behalf of the whole population but among all the people I know in my life, green tea fails ...

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Health is Wealth – Get it insured!


Living a long life is not enough. Living a healthy, happy and stress free life should be the goal. I opted for a lifestyle change two years ago when I joined the gym, started working out and changed my eating habits. I have always said that it has never been about losing weight and looking ...

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Closeup Diamond Attraction – Review


This month has been mostly about Closeup Diamond Attraction for us. We were flown to Mumbai to attend its launch, we got the products to try before it was launched in the market and then we again flew to Mumbai for another exciting collaboration with Closeup for the same product!   All of this to promote a ...

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Diet Plan I


"Diets higher in protein and moderate in carbs, along with a lifestyle of regular exercise, have an excellent potential to help weight loss," says University of Illinois protein researcher Donald Layman, PhD.   In my previous post in the Fitness Series, I talked about few general fitness tips but today we will be diving deeper into evolving ...

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Beginner’s Tips


Hello friends! Hope you all are having an amazing week!   Today, I will be talking about a highly requested topic for my Fitness Series. I got many Instagram comments, tweets and emails asking me how I lost weight. Well Yes, I joined a gym and that's the main reason but controlling your diet and watching what ...

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