Cold Shoulder


We are right in the middle of the wedding season, people are getting hitched right and left and here I am giving the whole matrimony concept a cold-shoulder. Not to say that I won’t ever tie the knot but given the current situation(broken and failed marriages every where), it doesn’t seem very viable in the near future. I don’t believe in the concept of getting married when you hit a certain age as to me, age is just a number. You could be 40 years old but still not be ready mentally to settle down or you could be 22 and ready to have babies. I have been enjoying my life, working, blogging and taking care of myself. In my opinion, it is then when a person is completely capable of taking care of themselves will they be able to take care of another person. Now now, I do not mean taking care in terms of cooking for someone and cleaning after them because shocker, that’s not why the concept of marriage came into being unlike what some people may think. Taking care here implies taking care of another person’s emotional needs, being patient and understanding of another person’s feeling and space and offering them support and unconditional love.

Right now, I am working on loving myself, unconditionally. It is not easy to accept flaws in self and it’s even more so difficult to love them but slowly and gradually I am overcoming all my fears and anxieties and until I am fully and mentally ready for as big a commitment as marriage, no societal pressure can make me take the biggest decision of my life based on my age.

I guess what I am trying to say is, do not get married because your parents and relatives are pressuring you, or because you finished your studies and got a job and it is just the next step, or because you need someone to help you out with daily chores, or you are lonely or even if you are pregnant. Don’t get married until you are ready.







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