Day Glamour


We all have, at one point in life, purchased a ridiculously loud party dress for a particular occasion and while it was perfect for that party, it now just occupies space in your closet. I have has my share of parties and such loud dresses and every year during spring cleaning, I would make some excuse for not throwing them away or donating them saying I am sure I will wear it again someday but that day just never comes.

But who says you need to repeat your party outfit? You can re-wear that same piece in so many different ways! Tuck it under a skirt, add a trench and accessorize well or wear a shirt over the dress, cinch it with a belt and add the perfect wedges or just layer it under a shirt dress and pair with sneakers and there you have it: so.many.different.ways!

How would you style your party dress for a day out in the city?



Dresses – H&M

Bag – Kazo

Shoes – Michael Kors



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