Debuting New Hair


{Tank Top – Mango, Skirt/Necklace/Rings – Forever 21, Shoes – Zara}


When Summers arrived this year, I had already been waiting for it with my mind made up for a dramatic hair change. Summers calls for change, something new, something fresh. And I was all ready to chop off my locks for a long bob cut (Alexa Chung style!…Hell! I might still do it next year!) but so much of effort had went into growing my hair this long that I just couldn’t muster up the courage to get rid of them. So, I decided against it and instead went for cut, color and highlights. After a lot of research on how light I should go and what kind of highlights I want, I finally endured the painfully boring 4 hours of the procedure and I am so loving the results!! The highlights are beautifully placed, not overpowering the base color and still significantly visible. It would be an understatement to say that I am mildly obsessed with the hair right now! It looks amazing with curls, highlights flowing elegantly throughout the hair and it looks even more awesome in an updo when you can see all the twists and turns in the hair. Ummm…Yeah, I warned you I am m(/w)ildly obsessed with my hair 😛

14252695784_05978be757_k 14252705574_672c53314b_k 14253064915_71ffb287dc_k GIF





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