Extreme Makeover [Epi 01]


Hello guys, one of the most highly requested videos is here!! My Living Room Tour! I have been living in this apartment for over 3 years and decided it was high time for a makeover. I wanted my personal space to reflect my aesthetics. A beautiful and clean space also helps with the creativity and of course, you would rather come back to a beautiful cozy space that you love at the end of the day than a run of the mill basic apartment you can’t even call home.

I hope you guys get some ideas on how to make your space look brighter and how to make it reflect your style. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back, I promise!


In this first episode, I am going to be showing you guys my living room which also houses my home office and that’s where I am sitting at this exact moment while writing the blogpost! Earlier my walls were dull yellow and since there’s isn’t much source of natural sunlight, the house looked and felt really dull. Even the artificial lights were not enough.

After painting the house white, you can see how much brighter the space looks! I also switched regular tubelights with the LED ones and added extra light sources. I also went ahead and changed the door color to almost black which entirely changed the overall look and made the house interiors look much more chic. I am not at all fond of the flooring but changing that wasn’t an option so I tried covering it as much as possible with carpets all over the house. And honestly, now the flooring doesn’t bother me at all! It was one of the major reason why I was putting off my makeover for so long, because I thought no matter what I do, the flooring will make everything look bad. Had this not been a rented flat, I would have changed the flooring too but I think it worked out perfectly in the end.



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