Goa: Snippets


I have been wanting to visit Goa for a long time now. The last time I visited, I was in my early teen years and it was with family. And to experience Goa as a kid and as an adult are two different stories. Don’t worry, it isn’t remotely related to drugs or alcohol. It’s just that you experience and remember the trip differently. This post will be an overview of my 3 day trip and will slightly graze through the whole story but the in-depth details of my travel experience and tips for other travellers will come in the next post.

Being a gypsy soul is not my goal. I am a total city girl who likes to escape the reality once in a while. I wouldn’t say I escaped it completely and disconnected from the world to find myself and enjoy the trip, though it might be a good idea once in a while! But I was connected with the world and did regular updates on my social media but yes, I refrained from checking my mails, following up on payments and taking business calls and that contributed a whole lot in finding some peace and serenity.

My day would usually start with a heavy breakfast and then laying and soaking in the sun by the beach. Luckily, my resort had a private beach which was totally deserted and I could enjoy some peace. The occasional dips in the sea also happened but the sun was the best part especially in January since it’s a rare sight in Delhi.

I stayed with Goa Marriott Resort and Spa for my trip and the stay was very comfortable. It’s amazing how much your experience can be affected by good housekeeping, stunning view from the room and a private patio and beach! More on that later…





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