Gold is never old


Gold Is Never Old. 3 Millennial Hues of Gold

Gold is never old and that’s what the millennial divas are preaching today. Ethnic or contemporary, Gold in the world of new age fashion is being embraced in all forms. While the yellow gold continues to grace the trinket boxes of women even today, it is the rose and white variants that are offering more reasons to the divas to love the metal. Read on to know more.

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Rose Gold: The Latest Shade of Elegance

Rose gold has been the colour of fashion for a while now. Modern minimalist designs in the trendy rose gold hues are ready to woo lovely ladies at first glance. Further, Rose gold stands for luxury and opulence. Those seeking ‘something different’ may find solace in rose gold necklaces, rings, bangles, and so on. Rose gold jewellery also gels well with white and yellow gold ornaments. So, when modern-day women are on a shopping spree for an engagement ring or a necklace, opting for rose gold masterpieces is a good idea. We suggest you pick a few online for the trendy styles and best deals, like these available at CaratLane online store.

Photo credit: CaratLane

Photo credit: CaratLane

Photo credit: CaratLane

White Gold: The New Bling Mantra

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Yellow has always been the colour of luxury, but the jewellery world is going gaga over the charm of white too. With white gold in vogue these days, the pursuers of glitter have options in plenty. White gold is the latest bling mantra creating ripples in the fashion scene.

Couples exchanging white gold bands and taking an oath to love each other forever is a sight to behold. The modern-day ritual of exchanging white gold bands is not just a fad but is considered as a significant love gesture. Just as the white gold is likely to retain its shine for long, couples promise the same to each other while exchanging the white metal band.

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Yellow gold: Go Ethnic with a Twist

While the contemporary white and rose gold might have found their fans, the lovers of yellow gold are not few either. Traditional yellow gold jewellery has undergone a makeover to come back in modern avatars. Here are a few contemporary pieces that we picked from that redefine gold jewellery.

Photo credit: CaratLane


Photo credit: CaratLane

These pieces reflect the contemporary charm of gold. Be it yellow, white or rose variants, the precious metal continues to redefine the persona of a woman. We suggest you opt for the one that defines you the best and reverberates the true you.



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