Health is Wealth – Get it insured!


Living a long life is not enough. Living a healthy, happy and stress free life should be the goal. I opted for a lifestyle change two years ago when I joined the gym, started working out and changed my eating habits. I have always said that it has never been about losing weight and looking great (of course, that are few of the added benefits!) but living a healthy lifestyle.


What drove me towards this change was a small incident that happened then: Aman was getting his regular checkups done and due to some mixup of reports at the hospital, his reports said that he was diabetic already. At the age of 24, it would be enough to scare the hell out of anyone. Later, the confusion was cleared out when we found out that it was actually a mistake at the hospital’s part but that did opened up our eyes making us see clearly that while college, friends, clubbing, fashion are a huge part of today’s generation, the age old saying of ‘Health comes first’ still stands timelessly correct.


Since then, we have come a long way and going to the gym and avoiding junk food and carbonated drinks have now become a part of who we are. Not only do we not fall sick as often, we are now more confident and comfortable in our skin. For me, it worked out great because I look better in my shoots too 😉


The next step in our fitness journey now is to insure that this healthy body and mind are taken care of. No one likes to give a thought to what will happen if they fall sick, or if they meet an accident or worst of worst, die. But haven’t you heard, “Prevention is better than cure”?


It is said that the best time to get health insurance is between 25 and 35 years to get adequate protection. This allows you to take care of the hefty bills related to health that comes with age. The older you get, the lesser your chances are of getting a good insurance policy that allows wholesome and comprehensive coverage of your medical risks.


Among all the varied options at our disposal, one of the best and trusted policies offered are by ICICI Lombard. The website has all the information that you may need and getting an insurance is super easy and quick. You can buy your policy online once you have chosen the policy that you want as per your needs. The website clearly and honestly explains the nuances like exclusions and waiting periods along with a clear picture of what all will be covered by a particular option like pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation. So, stop wasting time and give your health the respect it deserves! You can buy an insurance for as low as Rs.10/- a day, think about it, is it a lot?







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