Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum Review


Hello everybody, today I am reviewing a product from a brand which is 80 percent of my skin care. Innisfree is a Korean brand which is popular world wide for it’s natural and high quality skincare and beauty products. I was introduced to Innisfree a while ago and when it came to India and I couldn’t be happierwith their amazing products. I love the products and the way they make my skin feel and one of their most popular products is the Green Tea Seed Serum, which is what I am reviewing today.

Product Overview

A moisturizing serum with organic Jeju green tea and green tea seeds that hydrate your skin from deep within!
1. More moisture and freshness with 100% green tea.
Rich in amino acids and minerals, green tea from Jeju’s own green tea leaves hydrates your skin.
2. Dual Moisture-Rising Technology™ derivedfrom green tea and green tea seed oil

The fresh green tea deeply hydrates your skin and the green tea seed oil creates a strong moisture barrier to keep your skin moisturized longer.
3. The first thing to apply after a face wash!
As the first skincare product you use, it helps hold moisture in your skin and prevents moisture loss.

My Review

To begin with, the packaging is spill proof and easy to carry around, you don’t need to worry about spilling the product in case you need to travel with it. The product itself is magic, it moisturises my skin and keeps it soft and supple and the overtime use has also improved the texture of my skin and the skin tone. For me the product does what it claims and even more. The only downside is that it’s a little pricy but is also worth it. The quantity required for one use is very less, so it lasts quite a long time and this is one thing I will suggest that everybody should spend in their skincare and trust me your skin will thank yourself in the future.


  • Improves skin tone
  • Improves skin texture
  • Moistures your skin
  • Fresh smell
  • Lightweight on skin


  • Expensive
  • Notwidely available


I have combination skinand the product works for my skin really well. It is something I swear by and would highly recommend.


4 out 5!

Do give it a try!






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