Lazy Sunday with LeTV X3-55 SuperTV


All my Sundays somewhat look the same. I get up late, order in instead of cooking, spend the day in bed, watch back-to-back movies and skip gym and just workout at home. And now, I have found my perfect companion for a super lazy Sunday: SuperTV by LeEco!

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It has honestly changed my life. I don’t know what I was doing without it till now. Forget snuggling up with a guy, I would rather snuggle up with this TV’s remote! All.Day.Long! Errydayyyy!


Okay, you might think I have gone crazy, it’s just a TV after all! Every house has one! But, that’s where you are wrong. It’s not just a TV. It is a comprehensive gadget which can do a TV’s job, a laptop’s job as well as a phone’s job! You can literally do anything! And the screen in so big and the display, crystal clear so that you would feel like you are transported into a different world altogether.


I would not go into much details about the specifications and technicalities, you can read all about it HERE. I would rather focus on its features which are amazing, to sum up in one word.


To begin with, it has a clean design and easy-to-use interface, an efficient operating system and built-in wifi. As soon as you connect the TV to your wifi, you have a million options to explore. This SuperTV offers 150+ premium Live channels and 2000+ Full HD movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. Perfect if you are a big movie fanatic like me. I have been watching movies non-stop.


The LeStore offers apps and games that you can download just like you would in an App Store(iOS) or Play Store(Android). I downloaded YouTube, Music app, Radio, Workout app, and so on. I can literally play workout videos on the big screen and do my workout at home.


Another of my favourite feature is connecting my phone to the TV through the AirBuddy app and I can view all my media be it images or videos on the SuperTV!


I could go on and on about what all you can do on this TV but I would encourage you to check it out yourself if you are planning to buy a new TV. In the 55″ segment, it is one of the best TVs in the market right now and plus, they keep coming up with amazing Flash sales during which you can get amazing deals!


To see a glimpse of what this SuperTv can do, check out the video:





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