Let your eyes talk!


In the world so crazy obsessed with social media, where always being tethered to our phones is the only way we know how to live, and where selfies are just as important as breakfast, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if we want to do something different and break out of the monotony of regular selfies and be a little “extra”. The phone brands are focusing on higher megapixels in the front camera than the rear one, so it’s our job too that we do justice to our selfies by keeping them interesting. Selfies are not just a craze among the millennials, it has also taken the teenagers and the older generations by a storm. They are a way to preserve memories and how we feel at that exact moment, make the world see us how we want them to see us and believe it or not, good selfies boosts your confidence; potentially boosting your performance in everything you do. See, not just a millennial craze after all!

Now you might ask yourself, how does this confidence through a selfie concept work really? Well, to look good in a selfie, you must look good and presentable in real life. So, you put on a little makeup and make you feel and look good or just do the basic grooming, which I feel as humans we should anyways do. But to take an excellent selfie, the key is eyes. You have to let your eyes talk. As they say, eyes are the windows to your soul. Let this window be as beautiful as you can by not only using makeup but also welcoming the world and greeting them with all the colors of the rainbow in your eyes!

You put on makeup to make your face look pretty, what if I tell you that you can make your eyes pop by adding some colors in them too. Yes, I am talking about colored lenses. And to be honest, this wouldn’t be the first time I tried them on. Being the daughter of a prestigious eye surgeon, I have had my fair share of lens experiences and there was a phase when I wore green lenses all the time. My pictures would come out amazing and especially in group pictures, I would always stand out. Even back in the days, Bausch & Lomb was the brand I turned to when trying lenses. It has always been a trusted brand for me because my father uses and recommends them in his practice too and has been doing so for countless number of years.

So, imagine my delight when I got an opportunity to work with the brand that I have trusted and been an ardent consumer of since my childhood! I got the opportunity to reinvent the concept that I had tried 10 years ago (Using colored lenses as a fashion accessory) and I couldn’t be happier! Colored lenses do have a great role to play while creating complete looks starting from makeup to outfit if you give them a chance. It transforms your entire look head-to-toe magically by just altering the color of your eyes, it’s quite fascinating if you think about it!

I tried on three different colors from the Lacelle collection by Bausch & Lomb: Aqua, Blue and Hazel and created three looks complete with makeup and outfit. I am happy to report that all these looks met with tons of compliments and appreciation. Why don’t you all give it a try and see for yourself what is the power of colored lenses. Let your eyes talk!

Sassy and Glam with Aqua color Lenses:

The feminine and delicate looking quality of these lenses was what I wanted to capture in my outfit too. I kept my makeup in tones of pink and purple to complement the aqua color of my eyes. These soft girly colors lifts and complements the lens color and make them pop even more! The makeup is fresh, girly, glam and sassy! The look completed with the outfit is perfect for a girl’s day out whether for shopping, movies or brunch and it is just as easy to recreate! Watch the video and see for yourself!

Flirty and Fabulous with Blue color Lenses:

These flirtatious blue tones in your eyes will leave anyone zapped! I paired these lenses with similar tones and kept the makeup fun and fabulous. The blue liner complements the eyes but doesn’t take the attention away from the lens color. Peach-ish orange lips pairs with the eyes perfectly and completes the look. The dress is just as flirty with it’s length and silhouette and the whole look would be perfect for a romantic date with your special someone.


Complementing the Sunshine with Hazel color Lenses:

These lenses are absolutely captivating. The eyes become irresistible the moment you pop in these gorgeous hazel color lenses. The green eyeliner around the eyes frames these beauties with utmost élan and makes the look very polished and sharp. The outfit and the makeup completes the look of a girlboss, who is out there is in the world making a statement for herself and complementing the sunshine!

Go ahead and try these lenses for yourself and see what huge difference it can make to your look and how it can lift your spirits!

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