Limited Edition Love


Valentine’s day is that one day when you get to display your love unabashedly and pamper your loved ones with gifts. Personally, I feel you should display your love all year long, 365 days because every expression of love deepens the connection.

To strengthen the same, Vivo has come up with the perfect gift for your loved ones, a limited edition Vivo V7+ in a stunning red hue designed by the legendary Manish Malhotra. The motif at the back of the phone embraces 3 powerful elements:Love, Passion and Romance… No better promise than this to make to your loved ones! And the phone comes in a beautiful red box which also contains a greeting card so that you are all sorted with your present!

The phone has some kickass features. Being the newest member of the V series with exceptional photography features, the 24MP front camera creates beautifulselfies with Face Beauty 7.0! And it has a face access technology which helps you unlock the phone just by a glance which is super convenient in this millennial world where we are always tethered to our phones. It has a 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM and 256GB expandable storage. Also, the smartphone has an amazing battery life. And on top of all these cool features, the music and the bass is unmatched! I literally used Vivo V7+ to play music in a bonfire gathering and all my friends were super impressed with the sound quality which speaks for itself.

This is a great phone and with the limited edition set, it must not be missed! Get this gift for your loved ones and show your love!



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