London Fashion Week – Day 1


This year has been all about opportunities and new beginnings. I am so very grateful for all that has happened in the past two months and most of all, for the opportunity London School of Trends provided me with, to visit London and attend the London Fashion Week!!

The week went by in a blur. No, truly! It went so fast that by the time I actually was able to digest that I was in London, it was almost the last day! Everything was incredible about this trip. We did sight-seeing, shopped, attended fashion shows, sat front row, ate crêpes and what not!

I was staying at The Tower Hotel which was literally stone throw away from the London Tower Bridge and we had the most incredible view of the bridge from the hotel. Guess what we did first thing? We visited Oxford Street to pay our respects. Like seriously! We had no time to actually shop so we just went to see and explore the Oxford street and I bought two pair of gloves to pay my respects and not return empty handed from the most busy shopping street of the world. And also, it was bloody murder cold and I needed gloves.

This little visit was followed by the incredible welcome party London School of Trends had arranged for us at one of the most happening clubs of the city, Tiger Tiger. The dropping temperature had nothing on us as we dressed up for the night and partied away. I tried vlogging all the way through so here it is, Day 0:

Day 2 for me was the Day 1 of London Fashion Week but to make things easier, we will count my first day in London as Day 0.For first day at fashion week, I wore a well curated outfit to represent a bit of Indian culture as well. Although the outfit was head-to-toe Zara, the jewellery and accessories were all Indian by Indian designers. The jewel tone of the outfit matched well with the jewellery and I got many compliments for the same. What are your thoughts?

Skirt+Sweater+Beanie+Shoes+Sunnies – Zara

Clutch – ShahpurJat

Earrings – Royal Pitarah

Rings – Loupe

We also visited the OG Madame Tussauds and what fun that was!!! I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much but there was this childlike feeling that returned seeing all these celebrities in person (wax person to be precise!). We took a ride in the iconic double decker buses and then attended the first show of the fashion week, Dee by Dahlia, in the evening which was absolutely fabulous! The pub crawl was on the itinerary that night and boy, it was so much fun. We were supposed to go to a total of five clubs but I bailed after 4 as the long day had taken a toll on me and I was craving bed more than the dancefloor. So, all in all, the week began with a lot of thrilling activities and we had a baller time with the LST Team!! Stay tuned for more…





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