Love thyself


I just finished binge watching “13 Reasons Why” and I am overwhelmed to say the least. If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend it. Whether you are a teenager, young adult, a parent or a teacher, it’s an absolute must-watch for everyone. There is so much to learn from every single episode and each episode will leave you with a lot of thoughts, anguish, pain and hopefully a change, a little shift in your heart, a spark of empathy and strength to be kind to others.

To tell you the gist of it, the story revolves around a teenage girl who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 tapes, dictating thirteen reasons why she did what she did. The story follows those thirteen reasons, to be more precise, thirteen people and slowly takes you for a ride. A painful ride where you get to learn what humans these days are capable of. And that includes you and me, we all have been there, in some situation or other where we are face to face with a decision and we choose the easy way out, the way that makes people think you are cool/mean. No matter how small these wrong decisions are, they affect others around you and once you see this series you will know how. I have never felt so emotionally moved by any other TV series or movie, ever! I will admit few parts of the series are disturbing but you must go through this to feel a change in yourself.

Everyone around us has their own struggle, their own pain and problems. Before judging them, making fun of them or even gossiping about them, how about doing the right thing, the kind thing and offer them some support. In today’s world where we all are so tethered to our gadgets and to the virtual society, we don’t realise that we have exposed ourselves to so much fakeness that we are forgetting our humanity. We are forgetting we need love and support to survive(And that love is not the little hearts on Instagram). We have made ourselves vulnerable and to prove to everyone that we are cool and hip, we do stupid things. We follow hundred people on Instagram and are friends will 500 people on Facebook but how many of them do you really know personally, to whom you can connect and share personal thoughts. In the haste of making a cool squad, you forget to make true friends.

So, today I am offering anyone who is lonely and sad and want to talk to someone, they can talk to me. Whether it’s about school problems, work, personal relationships or you are just feeling low or depressed and feel like you have no one, you have me. My snapchat will now always be open to all of you. If you wish to talk anonymously, drop in a mail at and I promise you, I will reply and we will talk. You can always find a friend in me, you can always seek my help, I will always be there.

Love always,


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