My skincare routine before partying


If there is one thing I am very very particular about, it has to be my skin. I love trying out skincare products and retaining the ones that really work for me. The Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising routine is followed every morning and night without a miss as I hate pimples. While daily skincare routine is the usual CTM, during the weekends when it’s party time, I like to pamper my skin a little extra. The newly launched Himalaya’s Neem range has become my recent favorite among my skincare products before partying.


I don’t usually have enough time to stop by a salon and get facial or cleanup done, so I resort to this Himalaya duo to do the job for me. It’s herbal and natural and helps keep the pimples away no matter how much I gorge on fried snacks. The Neem Scrub takes out all the dirt and dead skin out and the Neem Face Pack tightens the pores and makes my skin glow. I have started using these products once a week even if I am not heading out partying. It just keep my skin in check for any kind of dirt buildup or pimples. I can visibly see my skin clearing up in the past week that I have started using this scrub and pack.


Once my skin is all clear of dirt and the pores have been tightened, the makeup goes on smoothly like a dream. No dry flakes that my foundation can hang on to and make my makeup look obvious. If there’s a second thing I am very particular about, that would definitely be my makeup. I keep my makeup looking as natural as possible. If it’s obvious that you are wearing cake-y foundation, you are definitely doing something wrong. The trick is to apply your base in layers blending out every single layer into nothingness rather than slapping on a lot of it at one go.


These two products have become a staple in my makeup routine whenever I want a little extra pampering for my skin. They work wonderfully and for the price, they are a steal!



In Collaboration with Himalaya and POPXo!








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