One Plus 5 Review


One plus one blew the Indian mobile market away when it first entered India. It gave us the best of everything and now it’s  latest launch is the One Plus five model which is highly compared to iPhone 7 plus and is also considered better in some aspects since it has a huge difference in price. One Plus 5 caters to all my needs and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

The camera is the first thing I look into while purchasing a new phone because I always need to click pictures on the go and carrying or even using a DSLR can seem a little hectic at times because it’s too heavy. The camera on this phone model is high quality and all the details are captured perfectly. I use it for flatlays, outfit pictures and everything else that doesn’t need to go on my blog, in which case I use my DSLR.

The camera also has a depth feature which gives the effect of DSLR pictures, which is one of the reasons I love it even more. The rear camera is high quality and clicks perfect pictures even in low lighting.

The interface is smooth and quick. The device itself is very sleek and smart. It has a fingerprint sensor, which makes everything quicker.

The inbuilt memory also lets me store a lot of data in the same place. I have a gazillion images and videos on my phone right now and it still runs smooth like a river.

For the price of the phone, I think it is an absolute treat. It has all the latest and best features at a nominal price of Rs.32,999/- for 6GB RAM and 64 GB memory and Rs.37,999/- for 8GB RAM and 128 GB memory.

I haven’t had any issues for the last couple of months that I’ve been using it. It’s a great phone if you’re looking to buy something great but under a budget. And it honestly doesn’t disappoint on any front.

Here are few shots, I clicked using this phone!



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