Perfume Hacks


You know when you meet someone at a party or a mall while shopping, you hug them and take a whiff of how wonderful they smell and you wonder to yourself, do I also smell great? Is my perfume also holding up? I, for a matter of fact, have wondered about this for quite some time now and I also did some research and found out few great perfume hacks to make your perfume last all day long and keep smelling amazing! After all, perfumes are expensive and if you don’t know how to apply them properly, it’s just a waste.

So, without further blabber let’s get into the hacks:

  1. Layer the fragrance: Use one whole range when it comes to a certain smell. You won’t end up anywhere if you use a floral body wash, a musky body lotion and then a citrus perfume. You need to start from the beginning and layer the smells so that they last all day long and with each layer the smell intensifies! I am using Avon x Kenzo Takada Range to layer the moisturizer, body mist and then lastly, the perfume.
  2.  Apply perfume to pulse points: The pulse points being the inside of you wrists and elbows, sides of your neck and behind the neck. You could also apply perfume on the insides of your knees if you are wearing a dress.
  3. Don’t rub the perfume: I have seen and done this countless times and have no idea where this misconception originated from. Rubbing the skin after spraying perfume breaks the molecules and the smell fades faster. Instead, spray the perfume and let it settle and get soaked by the skin for few moments.
  4. Store in a cool and dry place: I have went through the trauma of finding my perfume half empty once I left it near my microwave where the sun directly hit through the window. Big mistake. They evaporate in heat and under direct sunlight. So, keep them on your dresser or someplace cool and dry in general.

Do try these hacks and see the video for a proper demonstration and let me know how these tricks work out for you guys!





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