Preserve Youthful Skin!


It is said that looking presentable is a sign of politeness. While dressing well and grooming is important, the basics shouldn’t be forgotten: skincare. For me, it’s a vital part of my daily regime to take of the skin I live in. Afterall, our skin can’t be like baby’s butt all our life!

Research has it that post age 25, the early signs of ageing starts to appear. While our elders have never had to bat an eyelid for flawless skin, the pollution in the present day, aided by stress, junk food and lack of sleep, makes it impossible for us to depend on our mother’s and grandmother’s home remedies only. I have always believed in prevention is better than cure and have been actively using wrinkle prevention creams to preserve my soft supple skin.

After being introduced to Himalaya Youth Eternity Range a little over a month ago, I gave it a try. When I say try, I actually used the product for 6 weeks, which is what a dermatologist recommends as an ideal time period for any skincare product to show it’s full effects.

Based on Plant Stem Cell Research and exotic herbal actives found in the Alps in Europe, Edelweiss plant stem cells are power packed with antioxidants and herbal actives like Woodfordia, Rose Myrtle and Cipadessa regulate youth genes and work with innate Skin Cell Matrix, responsible for the anti-ageing mechanism of your skin.

The collection features three variants:

  1. Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream: An ideal day cream should be non-greasy, fast-absorbing, light-weight with spf which is exactly what this cream is. It keeps my skin hydrated for hours and especially during the colder months when I have always had dry skin issues, my skin feels moisture-rich!
  2. Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream: I have always believed in a strong and effective night regime and always washing off the makeup before going to sleep. Not once have I ever drifted off to sleep with makeup on. The night regime repairs and restores the skin’s elasticity and smoothens the skin. I wake up every morning with well rested and hydrated skin! Definitely recommend this product!
  3. Himalaya Youth Eternity Undereye Cream: The worst thing in the morning is when you wakeup with puffy eyes. This product depuffs the eyes while working it’s anti-ageing magic on the delicate skin around the eyes. It’s rich in anti-oxidents and I have noticed visible reduction in my dark circles!

To sum it all up, this range has become an integral part of my daily routine and each product plays it’s part well. Rich in botanical extracts, these products have proven their worth and stood the test of time, 6 weeks that is. I start and end my days with Himalaya Youth Eternity range!!



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