Pushkar with HP Sprocket


It seems that my tête-à-tête with Pushkar was written in the stars! When I had to cancel a collaboration trip to the city not very long ago due to unavoidable circumstances, I was really bummed to have missed the chance to visit the historic city. But soon enough, HP came to me offering to help me explore this city and not only that, they offered me assistance to capture the beautiful memories that I would be creating there! How could I not!

The two day trip was exhausting as ever due to long 8-10 hours long drives but even the little time spent in the city, I will never forget. HP arranged some unforgettable experiences for us and their latest launch, HP Sprocket helped us savor the memories forever. HP Sprocket is a pocket size printer that you can carry around in your bag or pocket with much ease and such elegance. The beautiful device lets you print images on the go, and in as little time as 2 seconds! All you need is a smartphone with bluetooth which is practically in every one’s possession, even more so than a pen. I took so many beautiful pictures and printed them out on the spot with no hassle of wires at all! We started with a camel cart ride and then visited the lake after sunset followed by a visit to the Brahma Temple the next day. Take a look…

As you can see, I have printed out all my favourite pictures from the trip and now I can put these exciting and colorful memories on my pinboard. In today’s world where all the holiday images gets lost within the phone’s memory, it is such a thoughtful launch from HP to help us make the memory tangible.

The HP Sprocket is priced at INR 8,499 and you can find it on Amazon, it’s available in white, black and red color so that you can choose one that resonates with your personality the most! And that’s not all! The device doesn’t need any ink cartridge, the paper that you load in the printer has a special technology that brings out the colors needed to form the image. And the paper also has a sticker back which helps you use these images as stickers if you wish! Isn’t that super cool!





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