The Land Below the Wind: Sabah, Malaysia


I have travelled to a good number of countries but my experience in this beautiful destination called Sabah was different than any other. Full of adventures and wonders of nature, this trip taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and gain new experiences. Shoutout to Travel.Earth for making this trip happen! Let’s dive into some details now…

I started from Indira Gandhi International Airport and via Kuala Lumpur, reached the beautiful city, Kota Kinabalu, all throughout the comfortable and hospitable service of Malindo Airways. We were hosted for the first night at Hotel Avangio which is managed by Accor Hotels. A luxury business hotel, Avangio didn’t fail to impress us and we had an amazing time meeting and greeting all our fellow travellers during the welcome dinner.

Needless to say, we started exploring the city from the one place that the city is famous for and is named after, Mount Kinabalu which is the highest peak in the whole country. Nestled in the wild, it boasts of a rich and touching history of a sad romance. It is just as picturesque as you would think it would be…Take a look for yourself!

Our next stop, Desa Dairy Farm was another scenic beauty with beautiful gardens of tulips and adorable cows and goats to greet! It was here that I also met and tasted the yummiest chocolate frozen yogurt I have ever had in my life! If I could go back to Sabah for just one thing, it would be this yogurt without a doubt!

Another highlight of the trip turned out to be watching the enormous number of fireflies in the mangroves. Seated quietly in a boat, we were absolutely mesmerised by the hundreds and thousands of fireflies glowing in the dark, it almost seemed like a scene from the movie Avatar! Hands down the most surreal experience ever!

The local crafters are famous for the bamboo artwork and the bags particularly drew my attention. Ofcourse, I picked one but if I could, i would have brought one of each color home. The yellow and red one especially had my heart!

The local cuisine didn’t disappoint as well! The curries and rice had me licking my finger after every meal. I opted for the local food every time I had the chance. The beef and chicken are a must try!

Kota Kinabalu is famous for it’s beautiful sunsets. Every evening we were left stunned by the pink, orange, red and purple sky. Just sitting at the beach enjoying a drink, watching the sunset makes this trip worth it. Never underestimate the beauty of a pretty sunset. It can cheer up even the saddest soul.

And it’s not just the sunsets, even the sunrise is stunning! We got the opportunity to watch the sunset from a mountain viewpoint while having breakfast by hiking up a long trail which was honestly very challenging but well worth it!

I had a gala time at the trip and ofcourse, I have rounded up almost all my outfits from the trip for you all, scroll away for some travel looks inspiration!

Love, Srish



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