Success and Society


Be the change you want to see in the world.
Let me tell you, it won’t be easy and it certainly won’t be fun. You might be ridiculed, disrespected and dragged down but if you think you are setting an example and doing what’s right(or just friggin’ living your life!), don’t deter from your path.

Now, if you are thinking, why the sudden interest in change and setting an example, etc, it’s because I am feeling frustrated with the society and what this so-called “society” approves and disapproves of. Why do our elders tell us about what society will accept and what they will deny. Why the restrictions ? Why the need to seek approval of this society to exist? Why can’t every person have the freedom to live their life unafraid of judgement. You can gain all the success in the world but if you don’t smile and talk to the most judgemental person and take his/her nonsense sarcasm with utmost grace, you are not a nice person. If you display your love for your boyfriend/girlfriend, you are shameless. If you HAVE a boyfriend/girlfriend, you are shameless. If you wear a bikini in a pool, you are slutty. Like wtf! Why not the same judgement for the boys!?? Why the judgement at all? Live and let live!

Are we making the world a better place to live or are we just handing down our insecurities to the next gen thinking that’s the way to live. Think long and hard about your values and social stigma that sometimes messes up your priorities before you stand up and answer. The problem with everyone is, they listen only to reply, not to understand, they read to criticise, not to empathise and they would rather be resented by their loved ones than be talked about in the society by strangers. Priorities. Messed up priorities.
Why taking the easy way out is always preferred over standing up for something that’s right.


P.S.: I did not work hard and become an independent self-made woman to think about *LogKyaKahenge before taking every decision of MY LIFE!

P.P.S: The society is You! It’s you who needs to change and the society will automatically change around you. Remember, great people discuss ideas, not people.

If you are stuck in a regressive and old-fashioned mindset, doesn’t mean I also have to live by it. I am proud and grateful that my parents have always been loving and supportive towards me. That’s all!



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