Talking Tuesday: Episode 2


The second episode of Talking Tuesday is finally here! Our apologies for not posting last week, we were supposed to catch a flight to Mumbai (which you all must know why by now!) on Wednesday Morning and time just flew by before we had time to sit down and prepare the post.

Anyways, this also led us to the conclusion that doing Talking Tuesday every week might not be possible as every single post takes between 3-4 hours to complete. So, instead of making it alternate Tuesday post, we are going to put a limit to the questions which is 10 questions for each post.

So, without further delay, Let’s Begin…

1. Hey Srish!

I like the way you ensemble various looks and look so chic.
My query is that what should I wear to look lean because I have a heavy upper body whereas I am quite slim when it comes to the lower body . I feel a bit uncomfortable due to this.


Your focus should be to balance the upper and lower body. And your options aren’t that limited, trust me! To balance out everything, go for a chic fitted top, not too fitted though so as not to emphasize on the heavy upper body and balance it out with palazzo pants, maxi skirt or straight pants. I would suggest you steer clear of the tapered trousers. 

You can also create a camouflage of slimmer body by wearing shorts and pairing it with a long v-neck tee and a structured blazer. The V-neck with elongate your torso and give an slimmer body effect. Be confident in anything you wear, your body is unique and you should be proud of that! Take inspiration from Bandana Tiwari’s Fashion Sense!

2. Can you tell me the name of bobbi brown base that I should buy? Also, is there any particular way of choosing a base?

– Akansha

Bobbi Brown’s Luminous Moisturizing Foundation is quite popular. However, I would suggest not to go with the popularity coz what suits one person may not suit you.

In order to choose a base, you should first find out your skin type. Based on that, you can go for Water based, oil based, silicon based, etc foundations. Ask the salesperson, they are generally helpful.

3. Share with us your favorite lipsticks and maybe swatches too.


My absolute favourite lipsticks are Rouge Dior Nude 418 “Ingenue”, MAC “Vegas Volt” & Maybelline 14 Hour SuperStay Lipstick in “Non-Stop Red”.

4. Hey.. I got a chambray shirt…but not sure how to style it… The size is quite big and its a loose one… thanks 🙂


Oh! How I love a shirt! So many ways to style it! I am enlisting a few posts I used a shirt in, not necessarily a Chambray shirt but you can style your shirt in similar ways:

 – With Colored Pants

 – With Skirt, as a coverup

 – Layered and Belted

With Denim Shorts

With Tweed Shorts

Tucked in A-Line Skirt

With a dress, as a coverup

Tucked in a High waist pencil skirt

5. Love your blog…and thanks for Talking Tuesday!

Hair Fall – anti hair fall shampoo…not working

– regular hot oil massage – still not working…


How about going the Au Naturel way! Use a homemade pack of one egg white mixed with 1 tbsp lime juice on your hair for about half an hour and then wash. Change your shampoo, use one with no SLS in it’s ingredients (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate). I would recommend J&J Baby Shampoo, MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo and TIGI Moisture Maniac shampoo. Your hair needs more moisture and care, give it that and the hair fall will surely stop 🙂

6. summer makeup routine that won’t MELT!!!??? :O :O :O

thank you xxxx


Use a good primer and finish off with a setting spray. Avoid wearing too much foundation in humid weather, just a few drops of BB Cream or tinted moisturizer along with a long lasting concealer would do the trick!

7. I have waist length naturally straight hair. i have been going through hairfall issues quite for quite some time now. could you give me some tips on how i can deal with it? 🙂
Also, I use the tresemme hairfall control shampoo and conditioner. its not working that well. any better alternative? 

– Pooja

Throw out the Tresemme Shampoo and bring home MoroccanOil products. Best decision I ever made!

8. Which brand has the best makeup brushes in India? Looking specifically for powder brush. Ambika pillai , lakme absolute or some other.

– Akansha

Go for MAC brushes, they are an investment and will last a long time.

9. Where to buy a makeup kit from? Have seen a few at newU which they give after buying cosmetics worth 2000 approx.

– Akansha

Try Forever New. They have the cutest makeup boxes!

10. Your favorite mac lipsticks? On my lust list, I’ve ruby woo and impassioned. I’m gonna buy my very first lipsticks. Are these two good choices to buy? I want four shades : Red, Pink, Orange ( wearable ), Nude..

– Akansha

My favourite MAC lipstick is Vegas Volt. If you are going to buy your first lipstick from MAC, then try Cosmo, it’s a very pretty everyday shade.

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Till next Tuesday!!





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