Talking Tuesday: Episode 3


Hello guys! I am so glad I managed to do this post today. I was afraid I might slip again and skip a Tuesday but I am trying to be strict to myself and post every Tuesday. I also want to apologize to you guys as few posts I had promised in the last two episodes of Talking Tuesday lika a Haircare post, Skincare post, few video tutorials, etc haven’t gone up by the promised time. But I ensure you, they are on my To-Do list and I will do them.

A reader had asked in the previous episode about makeup kits, I had suggested Forever New but apparently, the sale has ended and so has their stock of cute makeup kits. So, I would suggest you visit Colobar and pick up their super cute makeup kits in different sizes and colors. I have one in yellow which I use as my Toiletry Kit when I travel, you can see how it looks here in the “Travel Chic: What I pack in my Toiletry Kit & a few tips” post. 

Now onto this week’s queries!

1. I’ve big n broad feet. What kind of footwear should I go for? Please post pics with whatever types you’re gonna suggest.

– Akansha

I feel you girl! I have the same problem, I too, am a big foot girl! So, basically you can check out all kinds of footwear I choose for my outfit posts and you can rock them all as well. Below are few more styles you can wear:

Try to opt for shoes with coverage around the broadest part of your feet so that you get proper support and the not so attractive part of your feet is hidden. You can also wear strappy shoes if you want, just keep in mind that the straps go around the broadest part of your feet and not the toes and coz that would be very very uncomfortable.

2. Losing some hair near forehead ends. Do u know any tried n tested solution?

– Akansha

Chances are you are not only losing the hair on your forehead but your hair as a whole is thinning, but you can only see the front part. Take good care of your hair. Give oil massages, deep conditioning treatments every week, and use good quality shampoo and conditioners.

3. How to wear a perfume ?

– Anonymous

For a perfume to last you a good few hours, you should wear them near your nerves. I have read that perfumes stay longer on you if you do so. Spray your wrists, insides of your elbow, nape of the neck, etc. It is also said that perfume rises up, so spray some on the insides of your knees. To finish off, spray a little cloud of the perfume and walk through it. I like to swirl rather than walk though! 😛

4. I’ve acne prone skin. Never got bleach done. Does bleach increases hair density on face? Which bleach is good? And should I start with it

– Anonymous

I use Oxybleach and it’s pretty good and easy to use and no, it does not increases the hair density on the face. But, since you have acne problems, I would suggest you consult a good dermatologist before bleaching coz even if I don’t have acne problems and by God’s grace my skin is pretty clear, I get red blotches after I bleach, which goes away in a few hours but still, if it has such an effect on me then you should really be careful.

5. What all a girl must carry in her handbag n wallet?

– Akansha

Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, ID Cards, Store Membership Cards (if any) and some change in the wallet. And in handbag: Hair Brush, Wallet, Sunglasses, Gum, Pen, Keys, Lip Balm, Blotting Powder/Tissues, Lipstick, Small Mirror, Nail Filer, Sanitary Napkins, Tampons, a small kit containing safety pins, hairpins, hair ties, etc., a small diary and an umbrella. Well, at least this is what I carry in my bag 🙂

6. Is it possible to alter waist of jeans?

– Anonymous

Well, technically it’s possible but I would advice you against it. The altering would strip off the neat look at the waist and if you don’t alter the legs of the jeans, it would look very unflattering. You would be better off with a new one, trust me!

7. I get under skin hair on legs leaving dark spots. What to do?

– Anonymous

Scrub scrub scrub! The skin that is prohibiting the new hair to grow is most probably dead skin, which will come off if you scrub lightly every time you take bath and will make way for the hair to grow out.

8. Some trends that I can buy this sale season?

– Anonymous

Lots of prints and patterns, whites, lace, square sequins, muscle tanks, crochet, fit and flare dresses(skater dresses), tailored shorts and cropped pants. The collarless jackets as well as the bomber jackets will also be big next Spring/Summer 2014.

9. How to store makeup brushes so as to prevent dust settling into bristles? How frequent should one wash makeup brushes? What are your must have brushes? Do specify the brand.

– Akansha

Keep your brushes in a brush stand and don’t bother about dust settling into it much coz chances are there isn’t a lot of dust floating around in your bedroom or dressing room. I keep my makeup in a cabinet for extra protection so you could do that too. You should wash your brushes once in two weeks at least, or once a week if you use them frequently.

My must have brushes would be a Face Stippling Brush, Blush Brush, Bronzer Brush, Kabuki Brush, Flat Eyeshadow Brush, Eyeshadow Applicator Brush, Blending Brush, Pencil Brush and a precise angled brush. I use ELF, Ambika Pillai, QVS, Mac, etc.

10. I’m not very comfortable in wearing off shoulder or deep neck dresses. What kind of bra should one wear for revealing dresses?

– Anonymous

This is a question that lingers in almost every girl’s mind! You should invest in a multi-way bra which you can find at La Senza or Marks & Spencer. There are various kinds of bras to choose from, for example, for deep necklines, go for halter neck bras or the regular ones. For maximum comfort and support, go for balconette bra. For backless dresses, go for clear back-strap or silicone bra or even the silicone glue-strap bras which are available in Marks & Spencer.

Hope this Episode helped you guys out!

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