Talking Tuesday: Episode 4


1. Suggest one eyeshadow base that is easily available in Delhi. Heard of mac painterly paint pots, maybelline color tattoos.


I use Urban Decay Primer Potion and it is one of the best primers out there. But, it’s not available in India so the second best is easily MAC paint pot in “Painterly”. It smooths out the skin tone and help your eyeshadows be more vibrant and long-lasting.

2. In reference to the link below
I have heard that razor should not be used as the hair becomes hard. Please tell me if its okay to use it for underarms etc


It is not okay to use razor for your underarms as the skin is very sensitive and it can become darkened with prolonged use of razor. However, I sometimes use razor on my legs but it’s only for emergencies. When I wrote that post, I was travelling out of country and even when I got waxing done before leaving, it can grow back a little in 2 weeks, hence I carried my trusted razor.

3. Hey i love your style.

I have fair skin but major problem are my ask circles. Don’t know why they are there but I get so irritated. Please tell a remedy and also a great concealer.can any BB cream camouflage it?


A BB cream won’t be able to cover up your dark circles at all. You would need a heavy duty concealer for this purpose.

I would recommend these:

Free of Cost! – Drink lots of water, sleep for at least 6 hours a day and eat cucumber or use slices of it on your eyes once a week.

Inexpensive – Krylon Concealer

Affordable – MAC Concelaer

Expensive – Bobbi Brown Corrector & Concealer Duo

4. Trying not to spam. But have too many questions.

Which cleanser/makeup remover is better ? cream based or oil-water based ? suggest one. M using bioderma sensibio as face wash and makeup remover suggested by dermatologist.


You are not spamming anyone, dear. Talking Tuesday is here to serve a purpose and you can ask us any query and however number of times you feel like! 🙂

The best and the most inexpensive makeup remover is J&J Baby Wipes. Trust me, I go through packs and packs of these and it never breaks me out. Still, if you want to use a proper makeup remover, it depends on your skin type. If you have very oily skin, avoid an oil based remover. And always use an alcohol free makeup remover, it can really dry out your skin.

5. I have very frizzy hair. Tried john frieda, mythic oil but did no good. Now, I’m using moroccan oil and its hair mask. Will start using its shampoo soon. I can see the difference but it’s still not satisfactory. For past one year, I’m confused whether or not go for these smoothening keratin stuff. Please help.

– Anonymous

MoroccanOil products are not the usual types which will drastically change your hair and give very short-lived results. But what’s special about MoroccanOil products is that it has long-term effects. It will repair your hair from within and your hair will get healthier and shinier with constant use. At least, that was my experience. As far as Keratin Smoothening is concerned, go for it if you really want/need it! Everything has it’s side-effects, make sure you know both sides of the treatment before getting it done.

6. Suggest some good brands which have comfortable footwear. Not above 2 inches heel. Also, preferably within 1k.


If you are looking for a good brand with comfortable shoes, I would suggest you should invest a little. I have learned this the hard way, with thousands of money down the drain and no comfortable shoes, I started investing in them and I have a decent quality collection now. They are the base of your personality, if you are not comfortable, it will reflect in your confidence.

Having said all that, you can still check out Shopper Stop, Lifestyle, Forever 21, but make sure you try them out nicely and see if you are comfortable or not. Good Luck!

7. Forever new had one white makeup/accessories box. Not a good collection like u said. I visited their store at Ambience mall, Gurgaon. Any other place that u can suggest?


I already addressed this query of yours in my last post’s introduction paragraph [HERE] 🙂

And I would like to add to that, Forever 21 has some really cute makeup pouches!

8. You suggested Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation for makeup base or foundation? I already am using MAC studio fluid foundation.


Well, if you already have MAC’s foundation and it’s serving the purpose, I don’t see why you need to buy a new one. Studio Fluid Foundation is supposed to be quite good.

9. How frequently should one get haircut? With frizzy and long hair, ponytails look more like a horsetail to me now. What hairstyles will suit my hair type other than braids?

– Akansha

You can get a haircut whenever you feel like your hair is getting limp and lifeless. Also, keep checking for split-ends, the moment you spot them, you know it’s time to get a cut! I usually get a haircut every six months. Try a top knot bun, it’s very trendy, looks good on almost everyone and it’s super easy too.

10. I have always wanted to work with you. I really do. It is my dream. What are my chances? 🙂

– Ahem

Aww..That’s really sweet of you, dear. But, I am not taking interns. The blog is a hobby that I enjoy doing with a little help from Mr.A but that’s about it. I really wish I could help you out but I am sorry! But I will still strongly recommend you to start your blog and put your creativity out there. I am sure you will do very good!

Hope this Episode helped you guys out! I am really liking that I get a chance to interact with you all 🙂

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