Talking Tuesday: Episode 6


An effort to revive Talking Tuesdays…Coz I have received like a hundred messages from you guys that you all loved it and wanted me to continue with the series 🙂

1. Hey Srish,

Dandruff is my major concern. I have an oily scalp but my hair are silky smooth. I have been using Selsun medicated shampoo for dandruff once a week but every time I use it, it makes my hair dry. I am looking for a better alternative. Please help.


I would recommend you to use a deep conditioner on your hair after you wash it. Try Hydrating Hair Mask by Moroccan Oil, it has helped me a lot in just two uses and I am sure it will help you too. Also, use hair oil on your hair at least 30 minutes before you wash your hair, I would recommend Kesh King Hair Oil, it helps with the dandruff issue also.

2. How to do hair spa at home. What products and brands are trusted and what should be the time interval to be maintained.

– Manali

You can do Hair spa at home easily either using home-made packs or market-bought products. For home, use a mixture of egg white and lemon on your hair for 30 minutes before washing it off. If you want to go the easy way, you can try the Hydrating Hair Mask by Moroccan Oil that I recommended you.

3. Hi.. I love going through your blog as and when I get time. Especially Talking Tuesday!! I love your enthusiasm at such young age. My query is… 

My legs are bit too dirty, dark and hard. I never got time for frequent pedicure. I am working women and it becomes bit too difficult for me to carry slipper or something which shows my leg off, making my leg appear manly. If you could suggest me something I could do to make it clean.

I have same problem with underarms too, for it gets dark even though I get waxed. and wearing sleeveless in summers become necessity. Thank you!


I would recommend you get a pedicure once so that your feet gets free of all the dirt and grime. From there on, maintain the cleanliness by scrubbing your feet with pumice stone everyday while you take your bath. You can also slather on Vaseline every night before you go to sleep and wear socks to keep the moisture locked in for a longer period. This will help soften the hard tissues and eventually they can be scrubbed off. Use lemon juice to clean your feet and underarms every 3 days. That will help lighten the darkness of the skin.

4. Hi Srish,

Thats not done sweetie, so many replies to Akansha and assi kitthe vi nahi??

I sent you a query last week. I m 5 ft bulky married woman appx 68 kgs. I want to wear comfortable yet stylish clothes. Please suggest some good tips, awaiting reply this time 🙂

– Viju

Hi Viju, we must have not received your query may be due to some technical issues 🙂

For your height, I think you should go for clothes that lengthens and slims you. Try maxi skirts, maxi dresses, ankle length trousers, longer tops and introduce a little bit more height by wearing heels or wedges. If you are not comfortable in high heels, try kitten heels or 2″ wedges. They add a little height while being comfortable for long hours as well. Vertical Stripes are also good for adding height and slimming down your figure.

5. Hi,

Got a pretty gift today…opened a box to discover this pretty denim dress and first thing that strikes my mind is to post you about it asking that how should I style it for a daytime event.

I am getting addicted to talking tuesday now 🙂 

– Anonymous

Styling a denim dress is easier than you would think. It’s one of the most versatile pieces and can be paired with flats, heels, wedges, almost anything. For colder months, wear tights and throw on a cardigan (mustard and burgundy colors compliment denim a lot) and add a scarf. In Summers, you could wear it as it is with a nice pair of shoes. Add a belt to accentuate your waist and make it look more glamorous. 

6. Looking for a good face powder…which one would you recommend??(high end ones)…and could you mention the prices as well…


As far as I have tried, Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat compact is the best.It’s priced at Rs.3800/-. A more affordable option is MAC Blot Powder priced at around Rs.1500/-.

7. Hello princess…I just love ur style..My height is 5’7″ and complexion is wheatish to dusky…plzzz suggest me some beautiful colors to get great match with my skin tone…

– Mushu

For your complexion, I think there are lots of colors that would look gorgeous on you. My top picks would be subtle pink with hints of beige in it, a subdued coral, fuschia and red.

8. Hi Srish, I am a big fan of your blog 🙂 I have curly shoulder length hair its super dry, can u suggest me some good hair care products and some nice hairstyles I can do with my curls. 

– Anonymous

I feel like I am advertising MoroccanOil, lol! But really, the hair masks from MoroccanOil are very good for dry hair. And with your hair length, you can do so much! Try curling it and then backcombing the crown section for sexy bedhead look. you can try the hairband bun by tucking all your hair in an elastic hairband. It is very easy, looks super cute and when you open it, you get lots of beautiful waves in your hair.

9. Hey, can you please recommend some good online sites for buying jewelry and dresses(specifically maxi ) ?

– Nisarga

For jewellery, I prefer going to and if you want to buy from an Indian website,, and are really good. Same goes for maxi dresses!

10. Hey, I actually am in a dire need of a good wallet but can’t seem to select any.Can you give me few ideas with brands and style in medium range(1k-2k).I usually carry money, change cards and a lip gloss in it. Thanks.

– Vaishali

I recently got a new wallet so I can understand the confusion it involves. Try finding a neutral color like gold, beige, nude, black or white which will never go out of style and will compliment almost all of your outfits. Check out or Done by None for some cute budget friendly options.

Have a fabulous week ya’all!!





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