The Mesh pt.1


The new year is here but I don’t feel much has changed since the clock hit 12 on 31st December. I am the same person at 12:01 as I was at 11:59. But I plan to change that. I have a lot of backlogs when it comes to this blog. I plan to write and publish all these pictures that have been sitting in my hard drive for weeks. A lot of planning and hard work goes into each of the shoots and it isn’t fair to only keep them reserved for the eyes of instagrammers. So, this year, I will publish all the looks over here as well and try and keep the website as updated as my Instagram!

This look was shot as an attempt to style the mesh dress for Fall season. This trend was huge in Summer 2017 but I ,unfortunately, joined the party a little too late and by the time I purchased this dress, it was already Fall. So, I took it upon myself to style this summer piece for chillier months. And I quite succeeded in my attempt!




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