The Story of Firsts feat. The Grand Arch


Hey guys! So today I want to talk about something different and new as I honestly feel like more people should know about this. I had been having a hectic week with day long shoots, meetings, travelling, covering events, etc and near the end of the week I made plans with one of my old college friends who lives in Gurgaon. Our plan was to kick back and chill at her brand new condo and even though I wanted to go out for a drink or to the salon, she assured me we would not need to. I went there assuming we will be doing each other’s nails and having a girls night in sipping wine and as much as I love spending the day in bed and some quality time with my friend, I was in the mood of some pampering. To my surprise, when she said it will all be taken care of, she meant business! Her swanky new 2BHK condo was in the famous Ireo Grand Arch Apartments and that place is not a sore to the eyes, I will give you that!


Upon reaching The Grand Arch apartments, first thing that greeted me was this stunning installation  of Dada tree by Subodh Gupta. What a brilliant idea to get an Indian contemporary artist’s work to complement the minimalistic chic structure of the property, first time an architectural marvel inside a condo!


[Dada Inspiration: “The tree is called Dada, which is the Hindi word for grandfather, the patriarch under whose protection a family thrives,” said Subodh.]


This place continued to surprise me every minute. Along with a club where you can wine and dine, a lounge area with huge flatscreen, jogging trail, tennis court, swimming pool, fitness center, and what not, the distinctive “Arch” tower is the tallest residential arch tower in the world! It is taller and wider than other iconic arch structures like Arc De Triomphe of Paris and India Gate Memorial in New Delhi. And it is the first residential arch like structure, let alone in India but the whole world!


In between being amazed and jealous of my friend’s new dream house, I was also tired from the aggressive week I have had and it clearly showed on my face. It was then that my friend decided to reveal the best kept secret of her dream house, a Warren Tricomi Spa and Salon in the midst of The Grand Arch!!


I was pleasantly surprised to find a reputed international luxury chain spa inside the premises. It is truly new levels of luxury and it is the first time I have ever heard of a spa in a condo, you can visit the spa and salon by just going down the lift from your apartment! Need to get hair done for a wedding you are supposed to attend? Click! Need a facial before the big date? Click! Need a relaxing foot massage? Click!


After going through the extensive list of services they offer, I opted for a Luminous Glow Facial. The staff told me that in order to see the full effect of any facial, you need to wait for 24 hours but this facial can provide instant glow and radiance to the skin. Took me 45 relaxing minutes of the facial to without a doubt believe her. All the tiredness felt like old news and I was relaxed and looked fresh as ever. With just a hint of blush, liner and lipstick, I was ready! No need for any base makeup or concealer.

Post the facial, I opted for a Gel Buff and Polish. I wanted Gel Nail Extensions but the staff suggested me that my nails are healthy and the length is also good so I honestly don’t need the gel extension as it does need a lot of nail filing which results in thinning of the nails and a lot of upkeep. He suggested that I go for a Gel Buff and Polish instead which was a lot cheaper and a much better suited option for me. I was impressed with their honest suggestions, this proves that they are not just their to rip off customers but they genuinely want the best for them.



It took nearly 30 minutes for the buff and polish and it looked incredibly pretty once finished. Even after 2 weeks, it is still fresh and the color has not chipped. All in all, I was pretty impressed with the services and can’t wait to go back already!


After this little weekend visit to my friend’s new apartment, my views towards living in luxurious condos have changed and how! The Grand Arch by Ireo is truly the ideal place to live when it comes to living in uber style. Loaded with a beautiful pool, state of art gym, bowling alleys and what not, a home that’s no less than almost a resort! And on top of all that, a first of it’s kind to house an international luxury chain spa and salon!





Location : The Grand Arch by Ireo

Photography: Vaibhav Sachdeva

Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish






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