Travel in style!


{Maxi Dress – SheInside, Bag – Louis Vuitton, Watch – Michael Kors, Shoes – Forever 21}


After an exuberant week spent at my hometown with my whole family, I returned to an extremely hot and sunny Delhi. I think the term ‘hot and bothered’ is more appropriate for the climatic conditions in this city than for a boy situation. I can’t even imagine how much more warmer it will get in the next few months, actually I can imagine, it’s just that I don’t want to *switches on air conditioning*.

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It’s the perfect time to plan a little getaway holiday and I am already making plans of getting out of the city for a bit. With holiday planning comes along the dilemma of what to wear while travelling! While most of the girls are plain denim and t-shirt kinda girl, I like to take a different route and switch up my style game during holidays. Coz hey, if you are on a holiday, you are bound to be clicking pictures and would you want all your pictures, that you might look back to along with your grandchildren someday, to feature a tired face with sloppy outfits? I don’t think so. While holidays are more about enjoying with friends and family and living in the moment, it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to apply some kohl and lipstick and put on pretty clothes. Just do it for the sake of your grandkids, ok!


This outfit would be perfect for exploring your holiday destination in a stylish way. Maxi dresses are easy going and they are a whole outfit in themselves. Not to mention, they make you look slimmer and chic-er in no time. Opt for comfortable shoes like flats, wedges or small block heels coz exploring a city is mostly a walking job. As far as accessories are concerned, I would just take a large tote bag that can carry my essentials and a camera. And you are set!







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