Travel Smart with Matrix Travel Companion


“If travelling was free, you’d never see me again”, I believe I speak for everyone when I say this. But unfortunately, travelling isn’t free. What it is in fact, is costly and frustrating even sometimes planning everything and spending fortunes, finding the right source to do so and when in an unknown new city, navigating through it. I have always dreamt of travelling alone but it frightens me so. For how would I be able to do all the things that require so much knowledge and even Google cannot be the answer sometimes.

Matrix Cellular, the largest country specific SIM card provider, launched a new app called Matrix Travel Companion. The app is a one-stop source of trending and popular services covering all popular catagories like International shopping discounts and shopping VAT reclaims, ticket booking for attractions, Broadway and west end, hotel and apartment bookings, restaurant reservations, booking rides, travel insurance, buying and recharging prepaid cards, reload forex on prepaid cards, and many more!

With the app in your phone, you can throw out all your worries out the window(of the first uber the app helps you book preferably). I mean, honestly, it is so confusing to find where to reclaim your shopping VAT, which restaurant to go to and how to make reservations, and God forbid if the forex card runs out of balance, how to recharge it! We tested the app during a recent trip to Dubai and it worked like a charm! And while travel isn’t free, it can certainly be more economical!

Download the app: Playstore, iTunes



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