World Interior Day


People often get inspirational ideas from movies be it for fashion trends or the interiors of the house, people admire what the famous artists carry with themselves. On the occasion of World Interior Day, the production designer- Shruti Gupte was invited for an interactive workshop with us.

This day was celebrated in the Asian Paints-signature Colour Store, New Delhi on 27th may`16. The Colour Store in CP was set up for educating consumers and interior décor enthusiasts on colours and designs, how they can change their space and interact with the master itself. The film production designer lighted up the surroundings by briefing us about her own experience with the film sets and spaces and also telling us how we could get idea for the same.


The theme was ‘Intelligent & Inspirational Interiors, from Silver Screens to Your Home’ and the Colour Store initiative offered consumers the unique opportunity to bring to their homes, the look and feel that they love, admire and aspire for, from their favourite films. Shruti Gupte has already designed homes and interiors for movie like Aisha, Taare Zamin Par, Khoobsurat and Lunchbox and she very well understands the modern day requirement of the customers. While giving insights of the films she has worked for, she covered different aspects of the decorating the space inside out and tips on how one like us could use the same designs in our own spaces. One could never had imagined the minute details and process behind creating a set or a movies space. The space not only means to decorate the house or the set like that, but by matching up with the personalities living there. The space should matchup and coordinate with the person who is living there.



After all the fun known facts about her experience with films set, there was a fun DIY activity in which we could decide upon our very own mood board if we could have designed our spaces. There were various wall arts and to match up with that some fabrics, wall paper samples, textured cut outs, and many more things. The activity was to engage consumers on painting and décor through events at the Colour Store. The workshop was very impactful and we got to know many things about the whole theme and for those who are always looking for new ideas to do up their personal spaces, do visit the Asian Paints’ Colour Store, CP and get in touch with the best experts.








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